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I love wearing items that I crochet or knit, but I also love wearing items that talk about crochet or knit. You’d be surprised at how many new crafty friends I have made by wearing my yarn related merch. Its a great way for us crafters to find eachother! Check out available merch below, new designs are added all the time!

Patterns, tips, and more

While I created this blog to share my crochet patterns, over time I have started sharing business tips, craft fair setups, social media growth hacks and advice for makers. I have learned a lot since starting my business in 2017 and I love sharing my paths to success as well as my failures you should avoid. I hope you find the help you were looking for here!

Ash and tay community facebook group

Come check out our facebook group! Ashley and I created this group to help you grow and share your business. Whether you want to market a new pattern, or need business advice, this positive community driven group is the perfect place!

Craft show setups, tips and tricks

Craft show setups are my favorite thing to do. I have tons of tips for prepping, displays, and making sales. If you want to see all my market vlogs and tips click the button below!


Want to take your business to the next level?

Sierra and I have been carefully curating crafty courses with you in mind. We have a course on shipping, craft fairs, pattern designing and more. It took us years to master all of these things, but we built you a roadmap to help you jump to the finish line and skip the messy parts in between.

Free Crochet Patterns

I have tons of free crochet and addi patterns here on the blog. Summer tops are definitely one of my favorites! You’ll find beanies, sweaters, scarfs and more!

etsy patterns

Ad free Printable PDF Patterns

While most of my patterns can be found free here on the blog, a select few (like the drifter vest pictured here) are paid only patterns. If you want to see those patterns, or maybe you just want a clear printable version of my free patterns, head over to my Etsy shop!

struggle with knitting?

Knitting Machines FTW!

I couldn’t knit for the longest time and it made me so sad. Something about knit stitches just makes me swoon. One day I happened upon a video of someone using an Addi Knitting Machine and I knew I had to get one. If you want to learn more about knitting machines, or just want to check out my pattern tutorials for them, click the button below!

Meet the blogger

Hello, I'm Taylor

Hey you, I am glad you made here to my little corner of the internet. I’m assuming you’re here because you are obsessed with yarn just like I am. Want to see what else we have in common?

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