Ever since I started talking about my love for my Addi Knitting machines and shared my Bon-fire beanie and twist headband tutorials, I have gotten tons of questions about knitting machines. Most of the questions were asking about some cheaper alternatives to the Addi Express King machine. I could never give you any concrete answers other than the reviews I read online about other machines when I first purchased my Addi.

Now that has all changed. I went and purchased a second off brand machine to compare to the Addi Express King for you guys. This machine is about 1/4 of the price, but has some limitations in comparison to the Addi. I would love to hear about your knitting machine experiences as well so feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

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Addi Vs. Off-Brand

I did a direct comparison where I show the differences in the finished product, how the machines work, and pro’s and con’s of each. For those of you who want to skip the video I will highlight the main points below. I hope you babes find this comparison helpful when trying to decide which machine in right for you.

The Pricing

I know the first thing I would be wondering about is the pricing. The Addi Express King is currently going for around $205. This may seem steep, but I will explain why I think it is definitely worth the price. The Off Brand machine that is actually marketed as a kids toy cost about $55 on Amazon.

That is a $150 difference in price. Which is a lot, I know, but it may be worth it depending on your goals. The Off Brand machine is a great “starter” machine. It would work great for someone who just wants to try out knitting machines to see if its something they want to stick to. It would work great for market prep until you save for an Addi. If you have the cash for an Addi Express King, I still think it is the highest quality machine currently on the market. That is just my opinion, but if you have tried out other machines (good or bad!) I would love to hear your thoughts on them below!

Compare and Contrasting

To simply this as much as possible I put together a chart of the main things I mentioned in the video. I highly suggest watching the video because I explain why some of these things are (or are not) important to consider when deciding to purchase one machine over the other. I want you guys to know all the facts before investing your hard earned cash!

Does the Addi slipper fit?

I wish picking out a knitting machine was as easy as Cinderella trying on her glass slipper, but unfortunately for us its not. On the up side, hopefully this video and blog post helps you babes find the perfect knitting machine for your business. I know investing in your business (and yourself!) can be hard sometimes, but know that you are worth investing in!

I would love to hear your thoughts on these two machines so tell me what you think below. Also if you have tried any other machines, I would love to hear about your experiences with them! Tag me on Instagram if you make anything with your new machine because I would love to see it! Have fun loves, XOXO Taylor Lynn