Bum Bags have finally come back in style and I am here for it. I’ve always been a fanny pack fan because of the practical use at concerts, amusement parks, and everyday use for holding all the important things. Of course this trend has hit our yarn community as well and I hope you enjoy this basic granny square version of the bum bag crochet pattern!

Anywho, scroll down to find the pattern and don’t forget to check out my Etsy if you want the ad-free printable PDF version of this pattern.


Yarn: Size 4 Worsted Yarn- Hobby Lobby’s I love this cotton

– Substitute Yarn Examples:Lillys sugar and cream or any other weight 4 cotton should work

Approx. 175 yards will be needed

(one skein of I love this cotton)

Hook: 4.5mm

Scissors and yarn needle

Stitches Used

MC – Magic Circle

CH – Chain

ST – Stitch

SLST – Slip Stitch

HDC – Half Double Crochet

CHSP – Chain space

( ) Everything in ( ) place in the same st/space


4 x 4 inch 

14 hdc sts X 11.5 hdc rows

Pattern Notes:

This bag is made from 4 granny squares seamed together and a strap.

CH 1 at the beginning of each row DOES NOT count as the first HDC of the row.

If you want to learn how to line your bumbag using just crochet and fabric (Thats right! No sewing!) then check out my youtube tutorial here:

Basic Granny Square Bum Bag Crochet Pattern

Change color after every round, or use same color for whole square.

Make a magic circle (If you don’t know how, you can simply do a CH 4 and SLST to the first chain instead)

Round 1: CH 2 (does not count as first stitch). *HDC 3, CH 2* Repeat 3 times. SLST to the first HDC of the round. (12 HDC, 4 CHSP)

Round 2: Sl ST to next CHSP, CH 2, *[3 HDC, CH 2, 3 HDC, CH 1]* Repeat around in each CHSP. (21 HDC, 8CHSP)

Round 3: Sl ST to next CHSP, CH 2, *[3 HDC, CH 2, 3 HDC, CH 1]in CH2SP, [3HDC, CH 1] in CH1SP* Repeat around. (36 HDC, 12CHSP)

Round 4: Sl ST to next CHSP, CH 2, *[3 HDC, CH 2, 3 HDC, CH 1]in CH2SP, [3HDC, CH 1] in next 2 CH1SP* Repeat around. (48 HDC, 16CHSP)

Round 5: Sl ST to next CHSP, CH 2, *[3 HDC, CH 2, 3 HDC, CH 1]in CH2SP, [3HDC, CH 1]in next 3 CH1SP* Repeat around. (60 HDC, 20CHSP)


Refer to the graphics below to see how to seam your squares together. You can use Slip stitches or simply use a yarn needle and mattress stitch your squares together.

Once the bag is seamed together, make 2 rows of HDC along top opening of the bag, making sure to HDC, CH 2, HDC in the corners of the bag.


For added security for placing items in your bag, I suggest doing SC’s along the tops of the side triangles. View the graphic below for clarification.


I purchased my strap off of amazon you can find it here

Otherwise if you search crossbody bag straps you can find tons of cute options!

If you want to make your own strap, follow the instructions below:

Attach on corner, HDC 3 in CHSP, CH1 and turn.

HDC 2 in first st, HDC, HDC 2 in last st. CH 1 and turn.

HDC across, CH 1 and turn.

Repeat for desired length. End with last row HDC2TOG, HDC, HDC2TOG. Sew last 3 stitch to the CHSP on other end of bag.

Tie off and weave in ends. Your Granny Bum Bag is now complete!

If you want to have a crochet bucket hat to match your new bum bag, you can find that free pattern here!

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