Best Acrylic Yarn for Crochet Projects

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The Best Acrylic Yarns to Use for Crochet Projects

I’m constantly working on a plethora of crochet projects at once. I have a basket of half finished projects just waiting to be completed in my room. After taking a closer look at my array of projects I noticed a common theme; Most of my unfinished products were in a acrylic yarn that was sub par. So in this post I am going to share with you some of my favorite acrylic yarns and why I like them!


What Makes Certain Yarns Difficult to Finish Projects?

There are many different types of yarn to choose from. Acrylic, cotton, polyester and so many more, but for me it seems that most craft stores carry the most colors in Acrylic yarns.  I’ve recently been working on different projects with acrylic yarn. Eventually I had to put down certain projects because my fingers became raw from the scratchy texture. The bright range of colors paired with the low price tag that comes along with many acrylic yarns always drew me in. I must say not all acrylic yarns are made the same. Sometimes I would try to justify the stiffness from calculating price per yard. What I always seemed to overlook was that the stiffness would lead to raw fingers, and unfinished projects. The good news is that I have found some softer yarn options that wont break your bank if you buy it right!


The Best Acrylic Yarn to Use

My favorite acrylic yarn to use is Simply Soft by Caron. I often use Simply Soft mostly for clothing projects. Currently I am using it to make festival crop tops! This yarn is the softest acrylic yarn I have come across so far. I can crochet for hours with the yarn sliding across my fingers without any pain or tenderness. No more irritated hands from my projects! This yarn is medium (4) weight and recommends that you use a 5mm crochet hook. I have used as low as 3.75mm hook and as high as a 6mm hook with this brand. All projects within that range turned out beautifully. Its thinner than my medium weighted cotton yarn and allows for more intricate details in some projects which I really like, yet a dense enough to provide tight coverage when needed.  I cannot emphasize enough on how soft this yarn is! It comes in a wide array of beautiful colors as well! I recommend it over all other acrylic yarns I have tried to date!


Where to find Simply Soft Caron Yarn

You can find Simply Soft at most of your local craft stores as well as online. I recently stocked up on it when my local mom and pop store had a yarn sale. I paid $2.67 for a 315 yard skein which I felt was a total bargain! Jo-Ann Fabrics is generally my go to store for yarn and crochet hooks. If you sign up for their emails, you get coupons sent to you almost daily with huge discounts! I like to wait for the 30%-50% off of one item coupons and buy one skein at a time. The gym I go to every day shares a parking lot with Jo-Ann’s so I don’t even have to make a special trip for it! If it’s inconvenient to make the daily or weekly trips. If you prefer to shop online, Amazon also sells Caron Simply Soft as well!