I am obviously not ready to move onto fall items yet, and I am totally okay with that. I made this crochet bikini top a few weeks back and haven’t had time to post it for you all until now. It was super easy to make and I LOVE the black and white with the little pop of color. If anyone decides to make it with other colors PLEASE share it with me! I love seeing my patterns made in different colors! I put the links to my facebook and instagram accounts below 🙂 If anyone has a suggestion for any new patterns feel free to tag me or DM  on my instagram at anytime. Also if you get stuck on a pattern at any time, I usually have a quicker response time if you contact me on those two social media forums. Thanks guys!

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Selling Your Crafts Tip: I wore a few tops I made myself to the festival and passed out cards with my business email on it to people when they asked about them. Never miss an opportunity to market your crochet items ladies! I used Canva.com to make up a quick business card and got business card cardstock offline. Super easy, cute, and affordable… just like this top I made 😉 Whenever you wear one of your items to the beach, a party, anywhere really, just throw a few cards in your back pocket and hand them out when people ask about your top! You’ll be surprised by how many cards you hand out that can lead to potential sales!


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Materials You Will Need

Yarn: I used the top brand linked below in black, white, and a mustard yellow color for this crochet bikini top, but the other brand listed will also work. One skein each will make two tops easily.

Crochet Hook: 5mm crochet hook

Tapestry Needleyarn needle

Scissors:. These scissors are the ones I use and keep in my crafting bag. They are super sharp and compact enough to carry with me and my projects!

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Stitches Used in This Pattern

I will be using abbreviations (beginners check out my printable abbreviation cheat sheet) in this written pattern so here is a list of the names/abbreviations and brief directions for each:

Stitch (ST) – Next chain or stitch you are going to work into

Yarn Over (YO) – wrapping yarn around hook

Chain (CH) – After having an slip knot on your hook, YO and pull through your slip knot. That is a chain 1. YO again and pull through loop on hook. That is your chain 2, and so forth.

Slip Stitch (SS) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and yarn over. Pull through chain/stitch and continue to pull through the loop on your hook.

Single Crochet (SC) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and YO then pull through the chain/stitch. YO and pull through both loops on hook.

Half Double Crochet (HDC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through all loops on hook.


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Black and White Crochet Bikini Top Pattern


This black and white crochet bikini top is made in a size medium. the other sizes will be written as follow M (S,L) for example Ch 4 (2,6). For a medium it would be ch4, ch2 for a small, and ch6 for a large.

*CH2 at beginning of row does NOT count as first HDC*

CH 16 (13,18) with black yarn.

Row 1: HDC in the 3rd CH from hook. HDC in each CH across.

Row 2: CH 2 and turn. HDC in each ST across the row.

Attach white yarn but do not cut black, just drop it and we will pick it back up later.

Row 3-4: CH2 and turn. HDC across in each stitch.

Drop the white yarn and pick up the black yarn from two rows back. Do your first CH 2 and turn for the row, but do not pull too tightly on the black because we do not want it to bunch. We will cover the strips carried up the sides later with the border.

Rows 5-6: CH2 and turn. HDC across row.

Rows 7-8: repeat rows 3 and 4 with your white yarn.

Row 9: Picking the black yarn back up, HDC across the row but when you get to the end of the row instead of stopping and turning, you are going to continue to do HDC’s along the side of your work. Look at the picture below for clarification.

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Row 10: CH2 and turn. HDC across, but when you reach the corner of the previous row, you will do 3 HDC in the same ST on corner and continue to HDC across the rest of the row.

Row 11-12: Repeat rows 9 and ten with your white yarn remembering that the first row of white will be one HDC per ST and the second row you will do 3 HDC in the corner ST.

Row 13-14: Repeat row 9 two more times.

*If you need larger cup sizes at this point, feel free to add as many rows as your deem necessary to reach your desired coverage!*

Now SC along the side edge of the cup covering the little strips of black and white that we were carrying up the sides of the rows (This is the side that the row labels are on the picture above).

—–  Stop here. Tie off and repeat for the second cup!  —–

Connecting the cups

Place the cups stacked on top of each other right sides together. With your black yarn, tie onto the bottom of the cup on the side where you finished you last curved row (row 14), use a SC or SS to connect the cups together. I went up 6 stitches high on my cups, but you can do more of less!


Trim and Neck straps

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Tie onto The corner where the arrow points in the picture above with your yellow yarn. CH 80 and SS back down the CH.

SC along the edge of the top and when you reach the corner again CH 80 SS back down the CH

SC along the bottom of the top and when you reach the other side CH 80 and SS back down.

SC along the final side of the cup and again CH 80 and SS back down. Tie off.

*OPTIONAL: I did another row of SC along the bottom of my cups just to give that pop of color a little more thickness. Just tie onto the corner of one side and SC across and tie off*



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Easier than ya thought right?! This crochet bikini top was very simple to make and quick to work up! Not to mention that if you wanted to sell said crochet bikini top, I don’t think you would have any issues finding a buyer. The black and white paired together are eye catching enough, but that small pop of color in the straps is just icing on the cake. I hope you guys are happy with the end product after all this hard work you just put in. Throw your top on and go find a sunny place to lay out and enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather while you can! If you have ANY QUESTIONS about this crochet bikini top pattern, or about anything at all honestly, please please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Also, if you would be willing, I would love for you to share your finished projects (and you wearing them out doing fun summer things!) on my blog’s Facebook Page! Or if you post on instagram tag me (@TaylorLynnCrochet) so I can see how awesome they turned out! The social media icons in my header and side bar are all linked right to all of my accounts! Thank you so much! If you have any suggestions for future projects or tutorials please comment below!