Hello my Queens (and kings)! I am doing a Instagram live tonight and I have already had some of you submit some awesome questions to me before hand so I wanted to put some links up for resources that I know I will be talking about! For once I am ahead of the curve on something. Please tell me I am not the only one who feels constantly behind. All of you who feel on top of everything, please message me with your secrets.

The live video will be added as soon as I get a chance to link it to youtube so then you guys can see all the awesome questions I was sent and was hopefully able to answer!

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Thinking about starting a blog?

My blog was my first step into this crochet journey. I had a blog before my Etsy and even my Instagram! Crazy right! Because I love blogging so much I wanted to include these resources first. Below I will list all of my favorite sites, courses, and links to my blogging hosting etc.

  • My blogging host
    • SiteGround is my blogging host. I have very little, to no down time with them, and I once had a (self imposed) issue and their support team helped me out seriously within 15 minutes and had it all fixed for me.
    • Their prices are super awesome and starts at only $3.95 a month which is super affordable for everyone!
    • It is a WordPress blog and they have so many awesome free website themes to customize your site to your style!

    Web Hosting

  • Want to be walked through step by step on how to start a blog and write your first post?
    • Suzi of Startamomblog is your girl. This is the course I purchased which allowed me to get my blog up and running with my first post in under a day. If you want to read more about how much I love this course check out my Start a Blog post.
    • Suzi offers a online course or an Ebook version, or both bundled together.
    • This blog by number course is the exact one I used to start mine.
    • She also offers some free blogging resources so sign up for her email list for those as well as to know when things go on sale!
    • Intermediate bloggers: She has courses on how to grow your email list, build a course, create an awesome theme and tons of other great stuff. Don’t skip checking her out just because you already have your blog up and running. I have purchased about 5-6 of her courses and have zero buyers remorse. Do not be afraid to invest in your business!
  • Debrosse
    • If you guys watched my last live it was all about the Debrosse Masterclass. Saying I love it is an understatement. Filled with the absolute most knowledge! If you have started your shop and halted on growth and sales you should check out this course and see if it is meant for you.
    • I talked about her price calculator in the live, but honestly you cannot go wrong with any of her maker tools. She has pattern templates, listing templates, yarn calculators, and all kinds of awesome stuff. I highly suggest checking out her shop.

My Go-To Podcasts For Blogging and Business

    • Danielle is the Queen of all things Etsy. Her Merriweather Council Podcast (and blog) is seriously goals. If you want tips on how to setup, grow, or clean up your Etsy, she’s your girl.
    • She has guests who come on with all sorts of valuable insights and knows all the hottest trends on the horizon. I love listening to her as I crochet away in my craft room.

    • Her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast is a must for all of you trying to grow your online audiences.
    • She is not only brilliant, but very personable. I find this podcast super motivating and informational. I’m constantly taking notes for things I need to start working on to grow my business!