My Bon-Fire Beanie is my most requested tutorial to date. For this tutorial I will be using my Addi Express – King sized. My Crocheters Can Knit Too blog post covered how the Addi knitting machines have forever upped my market prep game. The Addi definitely takes some getting used to, but once you master it, it’s life altering. Okay maybe not life altering, but definitely crafty-life altering.

I love seeing all the amazing things you guys make using my patterns so please tag me on Instagram when you post them! Also leave a comment below letting me know if you are going to be using an Addi Express Beanie for market prep from now on! Any questions can be left below as well, or feel free to shoot me an email!

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Materials Needed

  • Addi Express King
  • 1 skein Caron Simply Soft in your choice of color.
    • You can use another yarn of similar weight, but just be aware that some yarns may be a bit more finicky than others. I personally have found Caron Simply Soft to be the easiest on my machine plus it is machine washable which is always a nice plus for wearables.
  • A couple yards of scrap yarn in a contrasting color.
  • Yarn Needle
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Bon-Fire Beanie Tutorial

The video below will show you all the steps start to finish of how to make this addi express beanie on your Addi Express King. It is aimed at beginners just learning to work with their machines. If you are familiar with the basic casting on and off of your machines, then feel free to skip right to the written pattern for the row count. I cannot wait to see all the adorable beanies you make!

Written Pattern

Cast on with the yarn of your choice for your beanie.

Make 110 rows on with your Addi making sure to watch for any dropped stitches along the way. Leave a 10″-24″ tail and snip yarn.

Use waste yarn (yarn of a contrasting color) and make 5-7 more rows.

Cast off the Addi Express.

Use a yarn needle with the 10″-24″ tail you left on the project to pick up every stitch (go to the minute marker 12:25 in the video if you need help with this step).

Remove waste yarn.

Pull one end of the project inside of the other making sure the “knit” side is on the outside.

Pull the tails on both ends one at a time cinching the tops closed.

Tie tails together to secure the hat and weave in the ends.

Congrats on making your first Bon-fire beanie!

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Bad hair days are now beanie days…

This addi express beanie is so simple to make, and aesthetically pleasing when you have them all out on display. I find myself grabbing beanies from my stash constantly. As makers I am sure you have all made a few things that you loved, but never seem to wear or use. This beanie will not be one of those things. My boyfriend wears them, I wear them, my cousin, my friends….. these hats fit every style and every head if you make them in the right colors.

Not only do these hats make great market items and gifts, but the Addi Express allows us to do something else now too. These hats would make great charity items. Many homeless in colder states could use winter wear garments to protect them from winter weather. So if you are looking to clear out some old worsted weight yarn from your stash, consider donating to your local shelters, or maybe even starting your own little charity!