I can’t be the only crocheter who loves the way knit looks, but literally just can’t when it comes to two needles. Funny enough I learned to knit before I learned to crochet but it just never stuck. It hurts my hands, it takes too long, and I just cannot get my tension right. If you struggle like I do (or haven’t even tried it yet), I have the found the answer. Ya’ll are going to lose it when you see what it is.

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Total Game Changer

You guys my life is forever changed. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to share about this before. BUT, I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I love sharing everything about my business with you guys. Remember my super cute twist headbands and Bon-Fire beanies you are all always messaging me about? Crossing your finger that it’s crochet? Well sorry to say that it’s not crochet. It is knit. On the upside, it doesn’t matter if you can’t knit. You can still make these cuties no problem. Your girl has got your back!

If after reading this post you still aren’t sold on this whole I can knit without needles thing, I will have you know that a crochet version of the twist headband pattern is in the works as well. It’s one of those patterns that I’ve been testing and re-testing (aka frogging) over and over trying to get it just right for you guys, but I promise it’s coming, you best believe it will be well worth the wait!

Its Like A Loom…. But Much (MUCH) Better

What I am talking about is an Addi Knitting Machine. That’s right. A Machine. Does it make these cute accessories all by itself without any work from you? No. Not even close. But what the Addi Knitting Machine can do, is allow someone like me, who struggles knitting, to make awesome knit things in tremendously less time that it would take me to actually knit it.

The Addi can be a little tricky to figure out to start, but once you do, the possibilities are endless. I even taught my boyfriend how to work this thing which really comes in handy when you’re in full market prep mode. I am going to do some Addi Machine tutorials for you guys and share both my bonfire beanie and twist headband patterns soon. Until I get those up, let me tell you more about this machine and why its my go to.

Why Addi Is The Fairest Of Them All

I had been interested in the concept of knitting machines every since I was at Michael’s and saw one in the kids section. I thought it was a neat concept, but figured if it was marketed as a kids toy, the quality wouldn’t be the best. That spurred the search for knitting machines made for actual business/hobby use which led to me Addi.

I read probably over 50 reviews on 10 different machines. I was trying to pick between the Addi which admittedly was at the higher price range, or a more economical option. It happened to be right around my birthday and my mom pulled through and ended up getting me the Addi after doing her own research. We both found that most lower cost machines had lots of issues with dropped stitches, teeth breaking, and crank issues.

I have never to-date had to replace a tooth on my Addi, nor do I seem to have any continuing issues dropping stitches. I did lots of searching online trying to find the perfect patterns to make with my Addi only to realize patterns are few and far between. The few tutorials I did find were just the basics of how to cast on and off the machine but no actual projects for it.

Are You Addi Material?

Now you’re probably wondering if this is something worth investing in or not. You may have doubts about the $200+ price tag that comes with this investment and I don’t blame you. I know I have definitely made my investment back 5 times over, plus the time it saved it is priceless. The fact that I can have my boyfriend or mom crank out a headband or hat while they watch TV and I can crochet a scarf at the same time is amazing.

You can check out all my favorite Addi Machines and tools here on my Amazon list.

I will be sharing my headband and beanie tutorials as well as making some videos on the basics of an Addi. This way you can get your moneys worth out of your Addi right from the start.

I purchased the “King” sized Addi and that is what I make my adult sized items on. I also recently purchased the original Addi which is significantly smaller (and half the price). I use that to make child sized headbands and hopefully will be able to make more fun designs with it in the future. If children’s items is your niche or if you want to start with the original Addi, it is a great way to dip your toes into knitting machines at a lower cost.

If you do decide to purchase an Addi, amazon is the cheapest place I could find to buy one. If you do decide to buy via Amazon, if you purchase through one of my links it really helps me out. Little things like this can really help bloggers out and make our little blogs keep running! Thank you so much for your support!

Go Forth and Conquer

I plan to talk about Addi’s a lot more from here on out so be on the look out! If you have any Addi questions, leave a comment below. I hope some of you decide to take the plunge and add an Addi (or two) to your tool bag for your next market prep.

I am super excited to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on this. I will definitely stay crochet focused on the blog but I can’t wait to explore this new opportunity together with you guys! Lots of love to all of you wonderful readers, XOXO Taylor Lynn