What is the first thing you notice about people walking around in the mall? For me I notice their bags. I look to see where they shopped and how much it appears they purchased (Hey there might be a good sale if they got a lot!). It got me thinking about my own shop at markets and how I could stand out with my bags. These bags are extremely affordable to make but look so high-end. I hope this tutorial will help all of you make tons of your own gorgeous market bags.



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DIY Market Bag Materials

  • Fabric – I used cotton and flannel
  • Sewing Machine (you can also hand sew!)
  • Logo Stamp (optional)


DIY Market Bag Tutorial

I made a beginner video tutorial for you guys. I want to start off saying that I am HORRIBLE with my sewing machine and am very novice, but I can still make these bags. You can make these bags. No matter how little you know how to sew. Now lets get to it!



All About Them Bags

I hope you guys are now the proud maker of tons of customized bags that will help make your brand shine even brighter. I know I am twice as excited about my next market now that I have been making these bags. I use them to mail my items to customers. I use poly mailers on the outside but these bags add an extra layer of protection and are a cute surprise for anyone who purchases your items!

If you want to see any other tools or resources I used to start (and currently use to run) my blog check out my must have tools for Business and Blogging. Feel free to comment below with any questions as well! XOXO Taylor Lynn