Clearly I have a thing for towel toppers. They are a classic. Some people love them for the nostalgic feeling of being at grandmas house growing up, and other for their extreme practicality. Either way, I think this is my simplest design yet as far as my easy towel topper patterns go.

The towel is removable which means when its time to wash the towel, just slip it out and slip in a new one! Not only is it more practical, but its also more modern looking. Its like grandmas towels but elevated. I think you and your market customers will love this new topper!

Easy Towel Topper Pattern

Here is a quick video tutorial for those of you who prefer to learn that way. Scroll past the video and its description for the written easy towel topper crochet pattern.

Wooden Rings (affiliate link):

Links to other Towel Topper Patterns by amazing makers in the Ash and Tay facebook group:








Yarn: Weight 4 cotton yarn – I used a walmart brand and I love this cotton from hobby lobby but any weight 4 cotton will work

Hook: 5mm hook – you could easily use anything from a 4mm to a 6mm hook

Two wooden Rings: I used these wooden ones from amazon

Scissors and yarn needle

Stitches Used

ST – stitch

CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

The Easy Towel Topper Pattern

Make 6 SC around the wooden ring. Ch 2 and turn.

Ch 2 and turn. HDC in each ST across.

Repeat for a total of 15 HDC rows.

SC around 2nd wooden ring across.

Tie off and weave in ends.

& Project complete!

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