This is my first fall crochet cardigan pattern ever! It is very easy to make and put together, and the finished product is gorgeous. I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. It would go perfectly with jeans and some of your favorite fall boots! This crochet cardigan is not only super cute, but also super comfortable. When the weather cools down, don’t be surprised if you see pictures of me wearing this almost every day (it’s that comfortable, seriously). Happy hooking you guys!

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I’d love to see what it looks like in the other Lion brand Mandala yarn cake colors so please tag me in your finished project pictures! I put the links to my facebook and instagram accounts below, I love being able to see your finished projects. Tag me and I may feature your project on my social media accounts! If anyone has a suggestion for any new patterns feel free to tag me or DM  on my instagram at anytime. Also if you get stuck on a pattern at any time, I usually have a quicker response time if you contact me on those two social media forums. Thanks loves!

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crochet cardigan, cardigan, cardi, crochet cardi, crochet cardigan pattern, cardigan pattern, DIY cardigan, diy, dit clothes, diy sweater, crochet sweater, crochet sweater pattern, crochet pattern, taylor-lynn


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Materials You Will Need

Yarn: I used 2 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn’s new Mandala Yarn in the color Centaur. It was recently released and is sold through walmart, but you can also get it on Amazon. This was my first time using it and I am IN LOVE. It lays so nicely and felt really good on my hands as I crocheted. 10/10 would recommend! Hopefully I can make lots of fall/winter projects with all the colors!

Crochet Hook: I used a 10mm Clover Brand Hook. It is a larger hook than suggested for this yarn but I wanted an airy look for this crochet cardigan (plus it works up much quicker this way).

Tapestry Needle: This is a yarn needle to weave in your ends.

Scissors: to cut your yarn. The scissors below are the ones I use and keep in my crafting bag. They are super sharp and compact enough to carry with me and my projects!

Stitches Used in This Pattern

I will be using abbreviations (beginners check out my printable abbreviation cheat sheet) in this written pattern so here is a list of the names/abbreviations and brief directions for each:

Stitch (ST) – Next chain or stitch you are going to work into

Yarn Over (YO) – wrapping yarn around hook

Chain (CH) – After having an slip knot on your hook, YO and pull through your slip knot. That is a chain 1. YO again and pull through loop on hook. That is your chain 2, and so forth.

Slip Stitch (SS) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and yarn over. Pull through chain/stitch and continue to pull through the loop on your hook.

Half Double Crochet (HDC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through all loops on hook.

Double Crochet (DC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through first two loops on hook. YO and pull through all loops on hook.

Double Crochet 2 Together (DC2Tog) – Yarn over hook, insert hook in stitch, pull up a loop, making 3 loops on the hook.  Yarn over hook, pull through 2 loops.  YO hook insert in next st, pull up a loop, now leaving 4 loops on hook.  YO, pull through 2 loops, YO pull through last 3 loops.

Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC) – Yarn over (yo) and insert your hook from back to front between the posts of the first and second double crochet in the row below, and then from front to back again between the posts of the second and third stitches.The hook should now be positioned horizontally in front of the double crochet that you’re working around. YO and draw the yarn around the post of the stitch. You now have 3 loops on the hook.Yarn over and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on the hook, twice. (Here is a youtube tutorial, head to minute marker 1:40)

Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC) –  Yarn over (yo) and insert your hook from front to back between the posts of the first and second double crochet of the row below, and then from back to front again between the posts of the second and third stitches.The hook should now be positioned horizontally behind the double crochet that you’re working around. YO and draw the yarn around the post of the stitch. You now have 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on the hook, twice. (Check out this video tutorial for further help)

*These two descriptions above for the bpdc and fpdc are from

If you love this essentially fall crochet cardigan pattern, you also may be interested in checking out my Sweater Pattern Round up post as well!


Essentially Fall Crochet Cardigan Pattern

This cardigan can be altered to fit any size and body type. I will tell you in what areas you will want to adjust it to make it larger or smaller. I made mine in a M size for reference (I am a size ten pants and size 8 top normally). Sizes will be indicated as M (S, L)

UPDATE: changed the pattern to a HDC granny square instead of a DC granny square after further testing it gave the cardigan a more snug feel and I think this will work best for everyone! <3

Make a Magic Circle (MC).

Round 1 (all sizes): CH 2 (this counts as first HDC), work two HDC into the ring, CH1, then work 3 more HDC into the ring. *CH1, 3HDC* twice more ending up with four 3HDC clusters seperated by a CH1. SS to the 3rd chain of your beginning chain..

Round 2 (all sizes): CH 2 (counting as first hdc), then work 2 HDC into the ch1 space from the previous round. CH1. Now work *3hdc, ch1, 3hdc* into each of the next corners. At the last corner, work 3 HDC into the ch1 space, CH 1 and join with a SS.

Round 3 – 32 (29,35): CH 2 (counting as first hdc), then work 2 HDC into the ch1 space from the previous round. Work *3hdc, ch1, 3hdc* in each corner and *3hdc* in each  gap on the sides between the 3hdc clusters in the row before.

When I was finished, my square was about 39 inches wide for the medium. If you want to increase or decrease the size, every 3 rows will change the size by 5”. If you just want it to drape a little longer, adding rows has the same effect and/or just size up for added length.

I blocked my granny square out at this point just to make the sides even out a bit, and make it easier to line up and seam together the edges.

Shaping your Crochet Cardigan

  1. Fold your project in half, right side in the inside.
  2. I used a tape measure and started from the folded ends measured out 7 inches and marked with a stitch marker. This will be the size of your arm holes. If you want them to be exactly even on both sides you can count the stitches after measuring one side and then mark at the same number of stitches on the other side but it is not completely necessary. (For plus size add a few more inches, and for smaller sizes reduce by 1-2 inches. The arm hole should be very loose around your arm at this point.)
  3. Starting from the non-folded edge, SS with your hook, or use your yarn needle to whip stitch the edges together, stopping when you reach your stitch marker.
  4. Repeat this on both sides and now you have the basic shape of your cardigan!


Adding the Body Border

Now you will want to grab your cardigan and open it up like it is in the picture below so we can start adding our trim about the opening of your crochet cardigan.

crochet cardigan

Border Row 1: Now you will attach your yarn where the stitch marker is pointed to below right where you seamed your edges together to form your armhole. CH 3 then make one DC in every stitch all the way around using the arrows to guide you. SS to the 3rd CH when you have made it back to your starting CH 3.


crochet cardigan

Border Row 2: CH 3. Now perform a FPDC on the next ST, and then a BPDC on the next. You will repeat *FPDC, BPDC* all the way around the cardigan opening using a SS to attach the round to your beginning chain.

Border Row 3-5: CH 3. You will continue the *FPDC, BPDC* alternating pattern just like you did in row 2. Make sure that you are making a FPDC on top of the FPDC from the previous row, and the BPDC’s are on top of the BPDC’s from the previous row.

Feel free to do a thicker or thinner border by adding or reducing the number of FPDC/BPDC rows you make.


Finishing the Sleeves

Now you will tie onto the seam of your sleeve of your crochet cardigan. To get your sleeves to match in color you will want to start each sleeve at the same spot in the color way of the yarn. For example I started both of my sleeves with the start of the cream color to help keep the coloring consistent on both sides.

Round 1-2: CH 3. DC in each stitch around the arm hole and SS to the 3rd CH.

Round 3: CH3, then DC2tog all the way around and SS to the 3rd starting CH.

Round 4-5: Repeat rounds 1 & 2

Round 6: CH 3. Now you will do same *FPDC, BPDC* around the arm hole just as you did for the front opening border.

Round 7-18: CH 3. You will continue the *FPDC, BPDC* alternating pattern just like you did in row 2. Make sure that you are making a FPDC on top of the FPDC from the previous row, and the BPDC’s are on top of the BPDC’s from the previous row.

**Also at row 5 check to see how tight the sleeves are. If you would like them tighter than skip the last DC of the round and just SS to the chain 3 at the end of the round to decrease the width. Do this for however many rows you want to make the sleeves as tight or loose as you see fit.

* Feel free to add or deduct rows to make the length of the sleeves fit  how you would like. I made mine slightly longer because that is the fit I prefer.*

Round 19:  CH1. SC in each ST around. Connect with SS to first SC. Tie off

— Repeat on other sleeve ensuring that you use the same number of rounds on both sides.—

Weave in your ends!

Essentially Fall Cardigan, or a Fall Essential?

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The answer is both! This Essentially Fall Crochet Cardigan is definitely a fall essential for your fall wardrobe. It was a surprisingly simple design with a beautiful and comfortable outcome. I hope I can find the time to make this sweater in all the neutral colors so I can wear one every day of the week! If you have ANY QUESTIONS about this crochet cardigan pattern, or about anything other crochet topics, please please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Also, if you would be willing, I would love for you to share your finished projects (and you wearing them doing fun fall things!) on my blog’s Facebook Page! Or if you post on instagram tag me (@TaylorLynnCrochet) so I can see how awesome they turned out! The social media icons in my header and side bar are all linked right to all of my accounts! Thank you so much! If you have any suggestions for future or tutorials please comment below!


153 Comments on Essentially Fall Crochet Cardigan Pattern

    • I used lion brands mandala yarn! There is a link to it in the materials section. It is a self striping yarn and I used 2 skeins. I LOVE IT! So soft and I love the way it looks!

      • Yes, I just wondered if you forced it anywhere. Our WalMart finally has Mandala yarn, and I bought it in the Spirit colorway. Now to make hurricane preparations for the she-beast, Irma,that might hit Florida. Then I can crochet!

  1. Beautiful!!!! I need to make this bigger (XL/XXL?) so I was wondering if you used two FULL skeins for your size? I’m guessing i should get three skeins? Thanks for your input!

    • I used roughly 1.6 skeins of the mandala yarn. If you want the cardigan to have extra drape, I would for sure grab another skein to be sure. If you only want to make it a 2-3 more rounds larger than the one I did then just 2 skeins should work fine, otherwise if you are doing more than that grab a third. I hope that helps! I also have another skein of the mandala yarn in a different color so I will most likely plan on using that for a future pattern if you end up having extra!

  2. Hi there, I’m in love with this sweater! I hope you can answer my question in regards to the colorway of this yarn. Did it naturally make both sleeves the same color,as well as, the other parts, or did you have to make them match?

    • I used a part of my mandala lion brand yarn that matched for both sleeves. I chose a section that looked like it had enough length to be able to have enough of that color for both sleeves. I hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much! And,yes you answered my question!! I love this yarn and can’t wait to use it to make this cardigan! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

    • I would think you could make this cardigan in any size. Just make extra rounds on your granny square to increase the size and then make your arm holes larger as needed to increase the sleeve size, hope that answered your question!

    • If you dont plan on increasing the size very much then I think you could get away with only two skeins, but if you wanted to make it a larger size with the smaller hook size would take more yarn.

    • I’m working on this using worsted yarn and a 6.5mm hook. I went through two full (355 yard) skeins and started on a third for doing the collar. However I’ll likely need a 4th to match colors on the sleeves. I made mine about 39″ square. Using Yarn Bee-Sugarwheel from hobby lobby. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! I did buy 2 more skeins for the same reason. I’m hoping I can finish the square and the collar and then be able to match the sleeves with the 4th skein.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to get started. I have 5 skeins of lion brand wool ease(?) left over from a project. I’m hoping this will be enough. Not sure how many yards came on the yarn you used.
    I’m an XL but prefer my tops way bigger. Still trying to lose the baby weight. This is going to be great for the fall. Thanks Trish

  4. Love this! I have already started working on mine in the same color you used. Love the color combo. I just want to double check that you used a size N hook. I feel that the stitches are pretty loose and just wanted to make sure I am going in the right direction. New to using such a large hook so it might be that I just need some practice at making the stitches a little tighter. Thanks for the pattern!

    • I used a 10mm, N 15 sized hook. Specifically I used a clover brand hook. The exact one I used is linked above in my materials section if you want to check it out! The looser stitch allows the fabric to lay better when the project is all finished up, but if you feel like its too loose feel free to go down a size in hooks since we all crochet a little differently!

      • I have the right one so I will keep going with what I started! So excited to finish it and begin wearing. Thank you!

  5. Just about to start my first cardigan ever and love the look of your essentially what fall cardigan. Can you please tell me how many chain sets you used for the mqgis circle please

    • The magic circle is essentially a fancy slipknot that you do your stitches into then pull the tail to tighten it up. If you wanted to do a loop of chains instead then 3-4 chains would be equivalent id think. Hope that helps!

  6. My husband bought me the yarn today and I ordered the needle from Amazon. I’m sitting here about to start!!! So excited!!! Thank you ❣️❣️❣️

      • I see what she is saying here about bunching up it’s almost like I need to chain 3 instead of 1 how did y’all work this out I was more comfortable using a 6mm hook could this be the problem

        • She sent me a picture and she was working into the wrong spaces I believe. I sent her a video tutorial on how to make this granny square and she didnt seem to have an issue after that.

          • Hi Taylor, I’ve started your pattern over like 4 times and I’m just not understanding how it’s connecting together I guess. Is this like doing a traditional granny square with 3 hdc and chain 3 on the corners and 3 hdc and chain 1 on the inside (non-corners) ? This is my first piece of apparel I’m making and I’m so confused! Please help me!

          • I didn’t do a CH 1 between my HDC clusters that are not on the corners, but you can if you wish. Just youtube “basic granny square” and follow the tutorial. Most of them use a DC, you will just want to use a HDC instead.

  7. Hi Lynn, I live in Port Elizabeth. South Africa and would love to make this gorgeous cardigan for my granddaughter. How can I download this pattern?

    • Taylor,
      Also, in step two, you say “Now work *3dc, ch1, 3dc* into each of the next corners”. What corners? I don’t see it. Is this pattern too complicated for a beginner?

      • It is more geared towards adventure beginners, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try it! YouTube how to make a basic granny square (since that is what my body basically is for the cardigan) and that should help clarify it all for you!

    • I didn’t do a swatch but each round you make adds roughly 1.2 inches to the cardigan body. If you want it to be the same size as mine just keep making rows until your measurements match what mine are in the pattern! I hope that helps!

  8. I fell love this project from the moment it popped on my fb feed! I WISH I COULD POST A PICTURE. It looks amazing.

    • Someone just notified me that mandala is sold in two different weights and potentially different sizes. This has been a common struggle apparently. When I figure it exactly the length of the rolls I used and the weight I will post and update! Sorry!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great pattern. Just finished my first and am thinking of starting another.

  10. I have never seen Mandala yarn in anything but 3. Lion Brand has Mandala weighted at a 3 on their website and I cannot find anywhere that says it comes in 4.

    That being said, this is the cutest and I’m making it for my boss in the same colors(because that’s the skein she picked).

  11. Mine is 3ww. I still used 2.5 rolls though and I followed the pattern exactly. It still came out amazing, just larger than expected.

  12. I am plus size, XL. I am using Mandela yarn size 3 with the 10 mm or P hook. I have 3 skeins. I am on row 24 and am at 38 inches in diameter. So now that this is out of the way….my question is in the length from shoulder to waist, is it divided in 1/3rds for the correct measurements? My stitching is different from yours….I get 2 inches for 3 rows. If my stitching is this much of a difference from yours, how many rows should I do? Or am I not understanding the dimensions correctly? Thanks for the help.

    • Are you at 38 inches blocked or 38″ loose for diameter? How many yarns do your skeins have in them?

      Mine was 39″ wide blocked. That means from my shoulder to the bottom of my cardigan it measured around 32″ or so. Does that help answer your question?
      I say “rows” in the patterns but I meant “rounds” which means technically it would be two “rows” for the round because you go completely around the square adding a DC row on either end.

  13. I am absolutely loving this pattern. I am almost finished. I still have about half of one sleeve and then a full sleeve. Thank you so much for this pattern! I did make a change that I think is working out really great for me. Instead of making a large “granny square” square, I double crocheted in each stitch around with a double crochet chain one double crochet in each corner. This made for a closer mesh. However, I would not have thought of making it at all if it weren’t for your fabulous pattern. I can’t wait to see what else you have now and in the future. Thank you, thank you!!

    • Please share a picture with me via instagram or email when its done, that sounds beautiful! So glad you enjoyed the pattern, and I am happy to see you made it your own <3

  14. The only thing I could f Nd in this color at Walmart was 5.3 oz weight how much of a difference will this make and will this change the size of the hook or should I just shoot for the 39” square

  15. I love this pattern. I’m actually making something for me. The problem I’m having is starting the square. Are you turning the work after each row? I can’t figure out how you chaining 3 and then putting the 2 DC’s I’m used to doing a slip stitch to the chain section. What am I doing wrong? I feel really silly. I usually can get started and just go. I’m thinking how I want sleeves to come out. I have forced stuff before. It’s a beautiful cardigan that I can’t wait to wear. Thank you very much.

    • Hello!

      So for the corner you will SS to the starting chain. Chain 3, and your chain 3 should be kind of coming out of the corner chain-space. You will work almost behind that chain you just made into that same chain space. Check out this video tutorial around the 4:50 minute mark.

      I hope that helps!

  16. Wait, your description of a DC sounds what I usually call a HDC (I’m in the US). Is this a US/UK conversion thing? Do I need to rip out my project? Haha

    • After talking to a few more people who followed my wrong description for the DC and really did HDC I decided to update it to actually use HDC’s for the granny square as that seemed to give people the tighter stitch they were looking for. Sorry for any confusion but I whether made with HDC’s or DC’s, the basic pattern is exactly the same, just the stitches will be tighter or looser.

  17. Hello, I am making the sleeve. I am confused about Rows 7-18 where it reads “Round 7-18: CH 3. You will continue the *FPDC, BPDC* alternating pattern just like you did in row 2”. which row 2?? is it the front of the shrug or row 2 of the sleeve instruction of the Sleeve it self doing double crochets??

    Please help. Thank you Lynn H

  18. I just wanted to say that this shrug and how you describe it along with the pictures has got me wanting to start it now! LOL !
    I just got a shipment today of the same yarn but I got the Warlock colorway. It’s past midnight where I am but I’m itching to start it but I can’t.
    Tomorrow, I will and as soon as I get it done, I will come back here and post a pic of it!
    Thank you so much for simplifying it for me!

    • That makes my heart happy! I’m so glad that my pattern makes people excited to crochet! Let me know if you get stuck anywhere, I cannot wait to see your finished product! The warlock colorway is GORGEOUS!

  19. Hi! I just found your sweater patterns. I want to make them all! However, I think I will start with this one. It is lovely.

  20. Did you tighten the MC after round 1? Just wanted to check before I get going on this now that we’re finally having cooler weather here in Florida. 🙂

  21. Taylorrrrrr!!! I just finished making this last night. It’s a Christmas gift for my boss, so I’ll be sharing the pics with you after I give it to her. I am so excited about this sweater! It’s so freaking cute!! I also love how the Mandala yarn feels worked with an N hook! It’s almost like Mandala was made for this pattern.

    • So glad you’re trying this pattern out! So if you wanted the sleeves to match you want to start on the same point in the color way… So if your yarn was brown to gray to tan lets say, you will want to tie on your yarn right when a new color starts. For example right when your yarn turns from gray to brown cut it and tie on and make the sleeves as normal, then when you go the the other side to make the sleeve, you will want to go pull on your yarn until you get to a point where it turns from gray to brown again and repeat the process. I hope that helps!

  22. Hi, I love this pattern so much and it will be my first piece of crochet clothing!! I have zero experience with forcing yarn to get the sleeve colors to match each other and I would greatly appreciate any tips/tricks/advice/suggested videos that would help get it right! Thank you in advance!!

  23. I am making a size medium. Wondering if I need to increase the number of rows once you changed to a HDC instead of DC. Thank you!

  24. Hi there! Been waiting to make this for myself after Christmas and the gift making frenzy that goes along with it. Excited to get started but was wondering if there’s supposed to be a ch1 between each hdc cluster along the edges or just in the corners. My naggy perfectionist self won’t let me get too far without double checking. Ha. Thanks for the beautiful pattern!

    • Realistically you can do it either way as long as you stay consistent! Without it, it will give you a tighter stitch (which is warmer!) and with the CH1, it will be a little looser with more drape. Its all about personal preference. Hope that helps!

      • Rad! Thank you for the input. I think I’ll try without, since I started without. Hehe. Can’t wait to wear this! Thanks again for making this pattern available for free.
        And Happy New Year!!

  25. Hi there! Been waiting to make this for myself after Christmas and the gift making frenzy that goes along with it. Excited to get started but was wondering if there’s supposed to be a ch1 between each hdc cluster along the edges or just in the corners. My naggy perfectionist self won’t let me get too far without double checking. Ha. Thanks for the beautiful pattern!

  26. Hi, just a quick question…rows 2 to 39 say chain 3 counts as a double chrochet but then is says HDC after that…should the beginning chain of the row be 2?

  27. You wrote tgat you hold hook with fist, dies thus make your sts tighter. I tried the 10 mm hook and just coukd not get consistent with it, so I went to a K. By the way have you tried the yarnology hooks sold at Hobby Lobby. They are marvelous. Not the fancy curved ones but the longer soft grip ones. They slide thru the work and i now crochet neater and faster! Give em a try! Lana Connelly. Ps. Hope my hook is not too small for this project, uding Mandala in Warlock, I also love Mandala yarn.

    • I think I do tend to stitch a little tighter than most people, but you can use any hook size you want for this pattern realistically as long as you end with a 38-40″ panel at the end!

      I havent tried those hooks before but I will definitely have to check them out!

  28. Hi. Beautiful Cardigan. I’m making it now and I’m at about round 13 and it’s getting a little wonky, meaning it’s not laying flat. Do you turn the work after every row? I didn’t see that in the directions and wondered if that had anything to do with it. Thanks!!

  29. Hi! Thanks so much for the awesome pattern!! My Walmart currently has Mandala on sale for $3 a skein and I picked up a skein of Warlock last night. I came home to look for patterns and remembered I wanted to make this! So I’m going to get another skein soon. I was wondering if your two skeins were the same (had the same color in the middle) or not, or if you think it would matter if they weren’t? I’ve never made a mandal project with more than one skein before. (:

  30. When I start the border rows is the right side still on the inside? And what about when i start the sleeves, shouldn’t the garment be turned so the right side is out?

  31. Hello! THANKYOU for awesome cardi was so seeing if you also did a ch.1 between the 3hdc clusters not just the corners?

  32. Do you really use a 10mm hook with the Mandala yarn? I’m having trouble with the magic circle with this big hook. ?

  33. Fell in love with this cardigan right away! I’ve just finished sewing the sleeves together and I’m ready to start the edging. Did you turn it right side out to add the edging?

    • Hey Tania, I used google translate to try and understand what you are asking but unfortunately I am still not sure! If anyone can help Tania out that would be awesome!

  34. Hello! Was this 39” stretched or just laying? I didn’t use the same yarn so I can’t go by counted rows. Thank you.

    • You can go as low as you would like and just increase the amount of rows until your granny square reaches the desired size. If you keep using the smaller hook on the sleeves you will have to increase the amount of rows there as well.

  35. I’ve just found this pattern via Pinterest and I just want to confirm for the body- you just let the color changes fall wherever? Super lovely pattern and I’m very excited to try it!!

  36. Hi there, love the pattern, it has been almost a decade since I’ve crocheted and this looked perfect to get back into things. Can you explain the first part of the sleeves to me please. When you say after DC around the edges then SS to the third chain. Should I skip the first two and do a SS or SS in all 3? Also which 3 is it referring to, the chains that were just DC or in the previous row. Thank you!

    • It is saying slip stitch into the third chain of your starting chain. So you will skip the first two chains and SS into the next one. I hope that helps

  37. so the rows determine length, right?…not the number of chains…? i need mine to be significantly shorter than yours.

    • Rows determine length and width. Since you’re making a square, the less rows you make the shorter and less wide it will become. I know mine looks very long photographed, but it is pulled down snuggly, if I allowed it to relax it has a much different fit

      • so, if i want mine to be 4 or so inches shorter, i’m also using the mandala yarn (warlock), you think about 5-6 less rows?

        sorry, i have been crocheting for awhile, believe it or not, but i’ve kinda managed to pretty much wing it. i have never really focused on the mechanics of a pattern…i know, that sounds super flighty. ?

  38. Love this pattern! I didn’t see the update on the hdc though so move is worked in DC now that’s okay =) I’m almost ready to do the sleeves. I did mine with the mandala Spirit colorway. I definitely plan on making another in a different color too ?

  39. Hello! I’ve just started working on this pattern but I’m having a little trouble with making those clusters. Can you please email me the video tutorial for how to make this granny square? (I saw you commented that you sent it to a few other people!)

  40. This looks easy
    Thank you for pattern
    Interesting reading all previous Q and A
    I may use a smaller hook as I want st closer together.
    Thanks again ?

  41. Could you please make a video tutorial on this pattern please. I love this, but for some reason I’m not understanding row 3. I have made many granny squares before but I cant seem to get the hang of this one.

    • I mean row 2. Or is this just worked like a normal granny square? Just with Hdc. The beginning of row 2 ch 2 then work 2 hdc into the ch 1 space. After this row I only have 3 sets of 2 clusters. With the chain 1 between them.

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