Knitted item’s are beautiful, but as someone who has only mastered crochet, that makes me sad. If you are like me and just cannot work with two needles and want to stick with your single hook, yet love the look of knit, we are in luck! This faux knit stitch (which is SUPER easy) can only be worked in the round if you want to stick to just basic HDC, which is my favorite stitch if you couldn’t tell from looking at other patterns. Stick with what works right! The good news is that a stitch that can be worked in the round is perfect for making an infinity scarf! This pattern works up relatively quickly and the end result is gorgeous!!!!

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Materials You Will Need

Yarn: I used a single cake of  Caron Sprinkle cakes/Caron tea cakes yarn for this faux knit scarf, which I purchased at Michaels. They are normally $9.99 but with black friday coming soon and pre holiday deals I was able to snag my for around $5.50 with coupons and sales! Below are some other substitutes you could try!

Crochet Hook: I used a 12mm Clover Brand Hook.

Tapestry Needle: This is the yarn needle I used to weave in my ends.

Scissors: The scissors below are the ones I use and keep in my crafting bag. They are super sharp and compact enough to carry with me and my projects! 10/10 would recommend these scissors to all makers!

Stitches Used in This Pattern

I will be using abbreviations (beginners check out my printable abbreviation cheat sheet) in this written pattern so here is a list of the names/abbreviations and brief directions for each:

Stitch (ST) – Next chain or stitch you are going to work into

Yarn Over (YO) – wrapping yarn around hook

Chain (CH) – After having an slip knot on your hook, YO and pull through your slip knot. That is a chain 1. YO again and pull through loop on hook. That is your chain 2, and so forth.

Slip Stitch (SS) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and yarn over. Pull through chain/stitch and continue to pull through the loop on your hook.

Single Crochet (SC) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through both loops on hook.

Half Double Crochet (HDC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through all loops on hook.

Knit Half Double Crochet (KHDC) – This is a normal HDC stitch but you work through the third “back loop” of the previous row instead of the normal top two loops.

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Faux Knit HDC Infinity Scarf

PS if you just want to see how the “faux knit stitch” is made jump to about the 4 minute mark on the video!

CH 90. SS to first CH.

Round 1: CH 1. HDC in next CH. HDC in each CH around. Do not SS to first CH. We will work in a spiral, continuously working without starting and ending the rows with a SS and CH as you normally would.

Round 2-12: continue by working a HDC in the CH1 we did at the beginning of round 1, then KHDC in each ST around. Continue making KHDC rows in a spiral until you have 12 rows.

Round 13: You should be roughly at where you started row 1 (note where your tail of your project is hanging at) Make a SC in the next two stitch in the same loop you did for the KHDC, then make a SS in the next two STs. Tie off.

Weave in ends.


Tie onto any stitch and do a row of SC around the scarf and SS with the first SC, along the top and bottom of the scarf for a more even, finished edge, if desired. Below is what your finished Faux Knit Scarf should look like!

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Fake it until you make it…. or learn to knit.

It’s almost as good as learning a new yarn craft, except without all the learning a new yarn craft part 😉 It is a gorgeous scarf that is just as pretty to look at as it is warm. I don’t think I will use any of my crochet things as much as I plan to wear this scarf. The Caron Cakes were a gem to work with and I cannot wait to find more patterns to use them on! If you have ANY QUESTIONS about this faux knit stitch infinity pattern, or about anything other crochet topics, please please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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