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Free Step by Step Festival Crop Top Pattern

Hey guys, the weathers warming up which means Festival Season, aka Festival Crop Top season, is right around the corner! I just finished up these crop tops this weekend! After showing them off on Facebook I had several people offer to PAY me for them! Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to make as many as were requested, BUT I knew I could help people learn to make their own. That is why I am sharing this tutorial/pattern with you! You only need to know a few basic crochet stitches,  have some yarn, a hook, a tapestry needle, and some free time. So lets hop to it shall we!

Want something with a little more patriotic, or maybe something to wear in the water? Check out my American Flag Halter Top which would be perfect for day two of any summer festival ? Also check out Simply Cute Bikini Top Tutorial (Both pictured below).

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Materials You Will Need

Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft for both tops pictured above. You can purchase this super soft yarn here which I absolutely LOVE! If you want to use acrylic yarn, I highly suggest this brand. You can read my Best Acrylic Yarn post to find out more about Caron Simply Soft and why I love it. Regardless, any weight 4 yarn should work for this project. If you plan on using this top in water, as a swim top for example, you will want to use 100% cotton yarn. Acrylic yarn does not dry as nicely or as easily as the cotton yarn would. My skein of Caron Simply Soft was 315yds and I only used about half of that. How much yarn you will use will depends on how long you make the tassels, straps, and the size of the cups. One Skein should be more than enough for any size top though.

Caron Simply Soft, Yarn, Crochet, Acrylic, Dog, Golden retreiver, Acrylic yarn

Caron Simply Soft yarn modeled by Bella.Crochet Hook: I used a 4.5mm Hook (also referred to as size G or 7). You could use a 5mm hook for a looser stitch, or a 3.75mm for a tighter stitch as well.

Tapestry Needle: This is a yarn needle to weave in your ends.

Scissors: to cut your yarn.

Stitches Used in This Pattern

I will be using abbreviations in this written pattern so here is a list of the names/abbreviations and brief directions for each:

Stitch (ST) – Next chain or stitch you are going to work into

Yarn Over (YO) – wrapping yarn around hook

Chain (CH) – After having an slip knot on your hook, YO and pull through your slip knot. That is a chain 1. YO again and pull through loop on hook. That is your chain 2, and so forth.

Slip Stitch (SS) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and yarn over. Pull through chain/stitch and continue to pull through the loop on your hook.

Single Crochet (SC) – Insert hook into next chain/stitch and YO then pull through the chain/stitch. YO and pull through both loops on hook.

Half Double Crochet (HDC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and YO and pull back through chain/stitch. YO again and pull through all three loops on stitch.

Double Crochet (DC) – YO and insert hook into next chain/stitch and YO and pull back through the Chain/Stitch. YO and pull through 2 loops, YO and pull through last two loops on hook.

That’s it! With those five simple stitches you can make your own festival crop top to rock at any summer festival or concert!

Festival Crop Top Pattern

So here it is! If you have any questions or need further clarification on anything with this pattern please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

We are going to start with the first bra cup. step one, you are going to CH 13.


Now in the 2rd CH from the hook you are going to do 1 HDC; Continue to do 1 HDC in each CH down the row. This is what it should look like after doing all he HDC’s down the CH.


You are now going to do another HDC in the same chain space that you did your last HDC in (See where the needle is pointing above). Then CH 2, and do 2 more HDC in the SAME chain space as your other 2 HDCs.


This is what it should look like after doing your 2HDC 2CH 2HDC in the last stitch of the previous row. Now you will continue with 1 HDC in each stitch down this back side of the previous row (basically working in the round).


After doing 1HDC in each ST down the row, it should look like this. Make sure you have 13 HDC plus the 2CH on the end. Now CH2 and turn.


The CH2 counts as the first HDC for that row, that being said you need to skip the first ST and begin to HDC in the 2nd ST. Note where the needle is pointing in the picture above.


Once you HDC all the way up to where your 2CH were from the previous row (13 HDC from turn), you are going to do the same 2HDC, 2CH, 2HDC all in the chain 2 space. (Note where needle is pointing above).


Continue to HDC along the side until you get to the end making sure you have the same number of HDC’s on either side.


At the end of the row 2CH and turn. Continue with the HDC’s up the side with the same 2HDC, 2CH, 2HDC in the end chain 2 space until your cup reached the desired width. I believe I did 4 more rows after this making 7 total rows.

To help you with your own sizing, I am roughly a 36B or a 34C if you are looking for size comparison for your own top. I often decide on size by holding it up to myself and checking coverage. Remember that there will be a trim around the cup that will over a little more coverage on the edges. If you used a larger hook size you may be able to get away with doing one less row, and if you used a smaller hook size, you may need to add 1 to 2 more rows.

At the end, cut your yarn and tie off. It should look something like this.

YAY! Now you’ve finished one cup and you are that much closer to your own festival crop top! You are now going to repeat the exact same steps to make a second cup the same size! Don’t cut the yarn at the end of the second cup, but if you did that is totally fine, just tie back on the bottom corner of the cup. I would say we are about half way done after the second cup, good work! Now would be a good time to take a small break and stretch your hands for a few minutes before starting again.


Connecting the Tops and Making Ties


Now you are going to CH 1 and turn your work so that you are working on the bottom of the cup. You are going to SC as evenly as possible along the bottom of the cup. I had roughly 20 SC on the bottom of the cup.


Once you SC across bottom of cup, you are going to CH 3 (or 4 depending on how much space you want between the two cups).


Now you will SS into the corner of the second cup and again SC as evenly as possible on the bottom of the second cup.


Once you get to the end of the second cup begin to CH 75 turn and in the first CH from hook SS in every CH back to the bottom of the cup (feel free to do more or less to fit your body). This will be the tie string for the bottom/back of the  festival crop top.


I chose to do a little embellishment on the end of my strings. Here is a link to a video showing how I did it. Embellishment Video (sorry about the poor quality! I’ll work on it and hopefully update it to a clearer one in the near future). Also if you wanted to add beads (which would be super cute BTW!), before you turn and SS down your chains, you could add them at this point to be on the end of your ties.


Once you have reached the bottom of the cup with your SS down your CH’s, you are going to CH 3, then you are going to skip the next two stitches and do a SC in the 3rd stitch. You will repeat the CH3, Skip 2ST’s, SC in the 3rd ST all the way across the bottom of both cups.


This is what it will look like once you get to the other side. These are the slots in which you will add the tassels to at the end of the project. Now you will CH the same number as you did with the strap on the other side (Reminder I used 75) and turn and SS back to the bottom corner of the cup.


This is what you should have at this point. Now we just have to do the trim, top straps, and add the tassels!

Onto the Trim!


You now will turn. your work like pictured above and start with a HDC in the corner. CH 3. Skip the next 2 ST’s and do another HDC in the 3rd ST. CH 3, skip 2 ST’s, HDC in the 3rd ST. Do this until you get close to the top point of the cup.


When you get to this point you will have chained 3, and then you will do a HDC in the Chain 2 space (note where needle points above). Then you will CH 2 and do another HDC in the same chain 2 space. Ch 3 and continue your skip 2, HDC in the 3rd all the way down the cup, across the middle, and do the same at the top of the next cup. Then all the way down the side to the strap of the other side.


Now you will CH 1 and turn your work. You will do a HDC, DC, HDC all in the chain 3 space, and SC in the top the the HDC of the previous row. you will repeat this *HDC, DC, HDC, in chain 3 space, SC in top of HDC* in all the loops we just previously made all the way around the top.


I decided for this blue top to skip this extra trimming step because I liked the way it looked without it. The pink top in the cover photo (I posted a comparison photo at the end of the post as well) does have this extra trim detail if you want to see the difference between the two.


Now we will make the straps that will tie around your neck. Go to the top of one cup and tie on your yarn. Tie it to the top of the CH 2 space on the point of the cup. Ch 80 (or how every many you prefer) and just like the side ties, you will SS all the way back down and tie off. Repeat on the other cup.


Almost done! This would be a great time to weave in your ends and make it look all neat and pretty. Now you can see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel with your festival crop top being almost complete. Just one more quick easy thing that makes a huge visual impact, and you are ready to show off all your hard work!




I used 5 strands of yarn roughly 13 inches long and grouped them together.


You can use your crochet hook or fingers and insert the group of strands into the loops you made on the bottom of the cups and pull them through themselves as pictured.


Pull tight and repeat across entire bottom.


Festival Crop Top? CHECK!

All done! If you noticed I added a lace up detail in the front of my top blue festival crop top. I just made a long chain and laced it up like a shoe! Be creative, and don’t be scared to go off pattern and put your own twist on things! Please leave comments telling me how your projects turned out! If anything needs clarifying, again leave a comment and I will get back to you! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Now go strut your stuff in your gorgeous new festival crop top! Get it girl!

XOXO Taylor Lynn XOXO