Crochet scrunchies has been a staple for me at almost all my craft shows since I started on my yarn journey. I love them. BUT sometimes they can be tricky (looking at your velvet yarn scrunchie) and I need a break from them. I was browsing amazon one day and happened upon a new tool, the Addi Egg.

It makes knit I-cords and I figured I could use it to make straps for bags or tops. Once I received my Addi Egg and made my first I-cord, I knew what it was perfect for. Addi Egg Scrunchies! They are super quick and so chic. I adore them. Check out my tutorial below!

addi egg scrunchies

Easy Towel Topper Pattern

Here is a quick video tutorial for those of you who prefer to learn that way. Scroll past the video and its description for the written easy towel topper crochet pattern.

Using the Addi Egg to make quick Knit Scrunchies for markets! Simple tutorial to follow for anyone who has an Addi Egg!

Get an Addi Egg from Amazon (affiliate link):

Addi Loom Hook Tool (affiliate link):

Addi Amazon List:

Angie & Britt Addi Tutorials:


Yarn: Weight 4 acrylic or wool yarn – I used caron simply soft and I love this yarn from hobby lobby but most weight 4 acrylic or wool yarns will work

Hook: small hook to thread your yarn. I used a 2.25mm

Addi Egg: I got mine here from Amazon

1/4″ Elastic: 7″ worth per scrunchie

Loom Hook: This is optional but they really do help keep you from dropping stitches!

Scissors and yarn needle

Addi Egg Scrunchie Pattern

Cast onto addi egg, make sure to attach weight to tail of yarn

Crank addi egg until your scrunchie is approximately 16″-20″ long

* For a more ruffled scrunchie look, aim for closer to 20″ long *

Cast off Addi Egg

Thread elastic through the I-cord

Knot the elastic. Seam ends of I-cord together.

Enjoy your new scrunchie!

I’d love to see how your addi egg scrunchie turns out so tag me on instagram when you’ve whipped up one of your own! Remember to subscribe to my email list so you can always be notified when more awesome patterns and content are posted on my blog!